JBL Stage A130
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Looking to upgrade your home theater system? Look no further than the JBL Stage A130 bookshelf speakers. These sleek and stylish speakers offer a clean design with a black and white finish, perfect for any modern living space.

With their 5.5 poly cellulose mid-bass woofer and 2.5 aluminum tweeter with HDI waveguides, the A130s deliver detailed, bright sound that will bring your music and movies to life.

In this review, we will dive into the specifications, build and design, sound quality, and more, so you can decide to add these speakers to your setup.

Sound Review Hub’s Verdict: ⭐⭐ (4.5/5)

Product Specifications

The JBL Stage A130 speakers have a frequency response of 55Hz – 40kHz and a sensitivity of 86dB at 1M, 2.83V. This makes them capable of capturing every note of the audio spectrum.

When it comes to performance comparisons, reviews have praised the sound quality, bass punch, and clarity of the speakers.

In terms of design aesthetics, the JBL Stage A130 speakers stand out with their clean black-and-white finish, pop-fit grilles, and curved baffles. They offer speaker configuration options with their two-tone unique design for wood.

As for value for money, the JBL Stage A130 speakers provide a good balance of price and performance. They offer rich and accurate sound quality at an affordable price point.

Build and Design

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The speakers have a sleek design with a clean black-and-white finish, pop-fit grilles, and curved baffles for added style. Their unique aesthetics will make them stand out in any room.

The material quality of the speakers is top-notch, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

When it comes to speaker placement, proper toe-in adjustment is recommended to optimize sound quality.

Design considerations such as the aluminum dome tweeter with HDI waveguides ensure detailed and bright sound reproduction.

In comparison with competitors, the JBL Stage A130s offers a clean and stylish design that rivals other high-end speakers in the market.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the JBL Stage A130 speakers is detailed and impressive. They accurately reproduce instruments and vocals, providing excellent sound clarity. With these speakers, you can hear every nuance in the music.

The bass performance is powerful and punchy, adding depth to your listening experience. The JBL Stage A130 speakers excel in vocal reproduction, delivering clear and natural vocals that make you feel right with the artist.

Additionally, the instrument accuracy is exceptional, with each instrument being reproduced with precision and accuracy.

In comparison to other speakers in the market, the JBL Stage A130s hold their own. They offer a unique sound profile that sets them apart from the competition.

Setup & Usage

To get the best performance out of the JBL Stage A130 speakers, it is important to properly set them up and optimize their positioning in your listening space. Here are some key factors to consider:

Placement options:

  • Consider placing the speakers on sturdy bookshelves, or speaker stands for optimal sound projection.
  • Avoid placing them too close to walls or corners, as this can affect the bass response.

Speaker positioning:

  • Experiment with toe-in adjustment to find the optimal angle for the best soundstage and imaging.
  • Ensure that the speakers are positioned at ear level for an immersive listening experience.

Amplifier Compatibility:

  • The A130 speakers are compatible with a wide range of amplifiers, but it’s recommended to match them with an amplifier that has a power output between 20 and 125W for optimal performance.

Soundstage performance:

  • The JBL Stage A130 speakers feature a high-definition imaging waveguide design and aluminum dome tweeters, which contribute to a rich and accurate soundstage performance.
  • Experiment with speaker placement and toe-in adjustment to enhance the soundstage width and depth.

Room acoustics:

  • Take into consideration the acoustics of your room, as it can greatly impact the sound quality.
  • Consider adding acoustic treatments such as diffusers or absorbers to minimize reflections and improve overall sound clarity.

By following these guidelines and optimizing the setup and positioning of your JBL Stage A130 speakers, you can ensure that you get the most out of their performance and enjoy a truly immersive audio experience.

Pros and Cons

One advantage of the JBL Stage A130 speakers is their versatile sound performance, suitable for both music and movies.

They deliver detailed and impressive sound, accurately reproducing instruments and vocals. The speakers excel in delivering grungy tracks and provide punchy sound despite their size.

However, their brightness may be fatiguing if they are toed in too much. In terms of value for money, the A130 speakers offer a good balance and deliver detailed and bright sound.

Here is a comparison of the A130 speakers with the Emotiva Airmotiv B1+:

JBL Stage A130Emotiva Airmotiv B1+
Sound PerformanceDetailed and brightBalanced and natural
BassPowerful and punchyTight and controlled
DesignStylish and cleanSimple and modern
PriceAffordableSlightly more expensive
Customer ReviewsPositive feedbackHighly recommended
Value for MoneyGoodExcellent

Overall, while the A130 speakers have their strengths, the Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ offers a more balanced and natural sound, making it a recommended choice.

Our Experience and Recommendations

Based on our experience and testing, we would highly recommend considering the Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ speakers over the A130 speakers. Here are three reasons why:

  • Superior sound quality: The Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ speakers provide a more balanced and detailed sound compared to the A130 speakers. Customers have praised the Airmotiv B1+ speakers for their clarity and accuracy in reproducing music and movies.
  • Competitive pricing: The Airmotiv B1+ speakers offer excellent value for their price. They are priced similarly to the A130 speakers but deliver higher performance and sound quality.
  • Alternative options: If you’re looking for a different sound profile or design, there are other options available in the same price range. Brands like Dali, Wharfedale, and Fyne offer speakers with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Considering our experience, price comparison, and alternative options, we believe the Emotiva Airmotiv B1+ speakers are better than the JBL Stage A130 speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the JBL Stage A130 speakers be used as part of a larger home theater system?

Yes, the JBL Stage A130 speakers can be used as part of a larger home theater system. They can be placed as bookshelf speakers or used as surround speakers for enhanced sound quality. Speaker connections can be made through speaker wire or banana plugs for easy setup. The speakers are compatible with surround sound formats and can be integrated into a home theater setup for an immersive audio experience.

Are the JBL Stage A130 speakers compatible with different types of amplifiers?

Yes, the JBL Stage A130 speakers are compatible with different types of amplifiers. They can be easily connected to any amplifier using speaker wire connections. Speaker placement and proper amplifier setup are crucial for optimal sound quality. The JBL Stage A130 speakers offer great sound quality at a competitive price when compared to other speakers on the market.

What is the warranty coverage for the JBL Stage A130 speakers?

The warranty coverage for the JBL Stage A130 speakers includes a limited warranty covering any defects in materials or workmanship for a specific period. It is recommended to use compatible amplifiers, and speaker stands for optimal performance. These speakers do not have wireless connectivity but can be connected to various audio devices.

Are there any recommended speaker stands or mounting options for the JBL Stage A130 speakers?

For optimal placement of the JBL Stage A130 speakers, consider using speaker stands, wall mounting, or floor mounting options. Speaker brackets can also be used. Ensure proper speaker placement to enhance audio performance and create a sense of belonging in your home theater setup.

Can the JBL Stage A130 speakers be connected wirelessly to other audio devices?

The JBL Stage A130 speakers do not have built-in wireless connectivity options. However, you can connect them wirelessly to audio devices with external wireless adapters or Bluetooth audio receivers. Keep in mind that using wireless connectivity may introduce latency and affect audio quality.

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