Soundbar Placement
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Are you tired of poor audio quality from your TV or music system? Unfortunately, your soundbar may not be in the best position to receive optimal sound quality. Proper soundbar placement is crucial to get the most out of your audio experience.

In this article, we’ll explore the different placement options for your soundbar and how to set it up correctly for the best audio performance.

Why Proper Placement is Important for Your Soundbar

The placement of your soundbar plays a significant role in the quality of sound you hear. The wrong placement can lead to distorted or muffled sound, while the correct placement can give you a crystal-clear, cinematic sound experience.

Various factors can impact the placement of your soundbar, including the size and shape of your room, the wall materials, and furniture placement.

Placement Options for Your Soundbar

Here are some placement options to consider when deciding where to place your soundbar for the best audio performance:

Wall-Mounted Placement with Sonos Arc Soundbar


Wall-mounted soundbars are a popular option as they provide a powerful audio experience. In addition, wall mounting can give you optimal sound quality as it allows for sound with an open path and reduces sound attenuation. However, it would be best to be mindful that mounting your soundbar can be a bit hands-on, and you’ll need to find the correct brackets to attach to a wall. If you’re uncomfortable drilling holes into your wall, I recommend hiring a professional from TaskRabbit or a local handyman.

Below the TV Soundbar Placement

Below the TV

Positioning the soundbar below the TV is a popular option as it keeps the sound and visuals in the same field of view, creating a seamless audio-visual experience. It’s also a great space-saving option, especially for small living rooms.

Shelf Soundbar Placement

On a Shelf

Putting your soundbar on a shelf is another alternative to wall mounting. Placing your soundbar on a shelf is not as effective regarding sound quality, but it’s still an option if you want to conserve wall space or are renting and can’t mount anything permanently. When placing your soundbar on a shelf, make sure that there isn’t any furniture blocking the front speakers, as this can reduce the sound quality.

Behind Furniture

I would not recommend this, but you can put your soundbar behind furniture if you lack space. Although this hides your soundbar, it will decrease the audio quality because the sound will be muffled and distorted due to the obstruction.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Spot

When it comes to finding the best spot to place your soundbar, some factors need to be considered, such as:

Room Size

The size of your room plays a significant role in the audio quality you receive. Generally, a larger space may require a soundbar with a higher power output to fill the room while a smaller room may not.

Furniture Placement

The furniture placement in the room can affect the sound quality you get from your soundbar. For example, thick furniture can absorb sound, while reflective furniture can cause the sound to bounce around the room, leading to echoes.

Wall Materials

The sound quality you get can be impacted by the materials your walls are made of. Thick walls, for example, can attenuate sound. On the other hand, wood or plaster walls are the best for sound reflection and dispersion.

Getting the Best Audio Performance From Your Soundbar

To get the best sound quality from your soundbar, here are a few tips:

  1. First, connect your soundbar using an HDMI cable or digital optical. This ensures that you get the best sound quality.
  2. Calibrate your soundbar by using the calibration features in the soundbar’s settings. This can help you customize your sound to your preferences and environment.
  3. Adjust your sound equalizer settings; bump up the bass for the movie, or reduce it to improve voice clarity.
Ideal Soundbar Placement for Dolby Atmos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How High Should You Place Your Soundbar?

Generally, the soundbar should be placed slightly above your TV or at seated head level. This helps keep the sound visually aligned with your TV for a seamless audio-visual experience.

Does Soundbar Placement Differ Between a TV and a Music System?

Yes, soundbar placement can differ between a TV and a music system. For example, when it comes to a music system, positioning your soundbar higher than eye level can provide better audio dispersion leading to a more immersive audio experience.

Does the Same Placement Work for All Genres of Music?

Different genres of music might require different soundbar placements. For example, bass-heavy genres such as hip-hop and electronic music can benefit from a corner placement, while classical music is best with symmetrical placement of the speakers.

Minimalist Soundbar Living Room

Final Thoughts

Proper soundbar placement is essential to get the best audio performance. Consider the dimensions of your room, wall materials, and furniture placement when choosing a spot for your soundbar.

Explore the different placement options like wall-mounting, shelving, and positioning below or above your TV. And don’t forget to calibrate and adjust the sound settings on your soundbar for the best results. With these tips, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your soundbar.

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